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Local SEO has revolutionized the internet marketing world with the creation of listing properties such as Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. Many small businesses now have the opportunity to present themselves to future customers without having to compete with national ranking companies. The beauty of local seo services is that companies can rank their local listings on the front page or directly rank their website if they so desire. Your traffic is automatically GEO-Located so you are not wasting your time or money answering calls from customers in different cities, zipcodes or counties that you don’t service. In this article we are going to go over how local businesses can get online and understanding the benefits of doing so.

SEO Listings Are Earned Media

Unlike traditional forms of advertising for small businesses such as Yellow Pages, search engine optimization is significantly different. Search engine optimization is a form of Earned Media. Earned Media is EARNING your place among the search engines by having a quality website. Paper advertising for example goes away when you stop paying for the advertising space, however this is not true for your rankings on search engines. If you continue building a good website you can stay on the first page for years to come regardless of buying specific ad space or not.  Because of this, SEO is not just marketing but a long term investment.

Maximum Reach and Convenience

iPhone Responsive WebsiteAccording to recent search engine statistics, approximately 92% of Americans use search engines regularly with 80% searching products or services. Most phones today have internet and up to 20% of all internet searches are performed on mobile phones. If your listing is ranked on the first page of Google you will be using a platform that has the largest marketing reach in the world. The internet is going to continue to grow, whereas in our opinion based on statistics, paper advertising will decrease. Why would anyone lug out a book to look someone up when they can just type in a search, press a button and call you from their phone within 60 seconds?

Local Small Business SEO Explained

If you are new to SEO we are going to go over the small business local SEO principles. The first step we take is setting up your local listings with Google, Bing, Yahoo and then additional websites such as Yelp. These websites are extremely search engine friendly and bring in lots of traffic when users want local business information. We then start getting related and quality websites linking back to yours to improve your credibility to Google and other search engines. Over time,  these links will help improve your ranking.  As long as you have the right steps being implemented to your website the only factor to ranking is time.

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Author: Trevor McCann is the CEO and Chief Web Strategist of Rainbow SEO, LLC. He has years of experience dealing with virtually every scope of internet marketing.

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  1. For local SEO it’s also important to optimize your site for local search. Include local terms within the meta information and on page content. The footer of every page should have the address and local phone number.

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